Tattoos of The Week

December 7, 2012

For someone who loves tattoos and tattoo art as much as I do, I sure don’t post much of it on my own website! So I’m about to remedy that starting with a weekly post featuring amazing artwork I’ve come across online.

I also want to show people what real, good tattoo work is so we can all stop going to your local chop shop and getting a shitty tattoo.

This week, I picked some amazing tattoo work from Freshly Inked Magazine‘s Facebook page.  I highly recommend clicking on the names of the artists to see more of their amazing tattoo art.

By Crispy Lennox, someone I would like to get work done by one day.  I met him at this year’s London Tattoo Convention and he was really friendly and helpful despite being in the middle of tattooing someone, which says a lot as generally many tattoo artists can come off unapproachable.

By David Corden, who doesn’t love a beautiful pin up tattoo?

By Dillon Forte, this black and white stipulated tattoo style is becoming very popular these days and I’m not complaining.

By Emily Rose Murray. I love following Emily on Instagram because her work is just mind blowing and so unique to her.

By George Mavridis, an amazing Batman tattoo, the colour rendering in this is just phenomenal.

By Alex de Pase, another pretty damn amazing, but I always worry that dark work will spread with age and just become a huge mass of black smudge…

By Guy Aitchison, I mean, just, WOW.

By Kenji Alucky, I really love how this gives a sort of animated effect to the hand. Interesting and unique.

By Mr Kid Kros, just an absolutely stunning chest piece!

I really love this angular/geometric wolf tattoo by Peter Aurisch.

Owl tattoos can be so common these days but this one by Petra Hlavåckovå is so vibrant.

I mean, if you’re going to jump on the owl tattoo fad, you may as well get something that will stand the test of time like this one by Randy Engelhard.

I love the use of colour in this portrait tattoo by Tarvo Kerves. I love tattoos that look like a painting on the skin.

Now remember kids, a good tattoo aint cheap and a cheap tattoo aint good!

Which is your favourite piece?  Do you have any tattoo artwork planned?  Let us know in the comments below and come back next week when I feature a couple of my favourite female tattoo artists!


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  • It still always amazes me how realistic some artists can make a tattoo look. Especially since when I draw the eraser never leaves my side.

  • The chest piece is freakin’ RAD!
    Cannot wait to get more work done on my chest 🙂

  • Isn’t it awesome how good tattoo work just makes you itch for more work!

  • That is some great artwork! Hard to choose a fav, all are terrific ink.

  • And this is just a drop in the ocean of amazing work out there! So hard to choose when you only have so much skin! 😉

  • Ive never been a fan of chest pieces on women, but lately Ive been dreaming of getting, well, I guess you could call it, a shoulder piece? Kind of like a Victorian collar that extends over the shoulders but in a black and grey dots design, sort of thing… lol

  • I wish I could draw!

  • I love the last one, the ink-on-skin look is incredible. I’ve been planning to get a William Blake piece on my side for a while, and I need to find an artist who can do that well.

  • Good luck in your search, Im sure there is someone amazing out there who would love to do that for you!

  • Some extremely talented artists on display here. I just wish I had the courage to have a full torso tattoo…