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January 6, 2013

This week started with a whole new year and I am so glad that I decided at almost the last minute to in fact go out for New Years Eve instead of stay at home.  I went to Wonderland London with Goddess Cleo and we had an amazing time.  Being a fetish friendly event, it was full of fun and freakiness!  We had booked a taxi home for 2:30am but ended up leaving at around 4:30am and passing out laughing at 8:30am – so a fantastic night was had!

wonderland london NYEHere are this week’s findings from around the web:

  • I really liked this article about avoiding unavailable men, because I’ve been there.
  • I can stare at pictures of my gorgeous pin up friend all day.
  • Wooden bow ties definitely take the work out of tying them.
  • Another awesome dame, Veronica Varlow, talks about what’s important in life, and they aren’t New Year’s resolutions.
    “On my death bed, I’m not going to be thinking about the goals I did or didn’t achieve. I am going to be thinking about the fullness of the life I had lived.”
  • If you have a penchant for all black everything and the unusual, these wickedly witchy candles will tickle your fancy.
  • If you’re also a blogger, Sarah’s post about how to get people to notice you on the internet is gold.  She also has a great list of 13 fresh starts for the new year.
  • Jessica’s 13 intentions for 2013 are so beautiful, inspiring and enlightening!
  • The Indie Chicks website is pretty badass and chock full of great advice for girl’s who take life by the balls (or want to) and I will be writing for them very soon, I loved their compendium of posts to get you started on conquering 2013.
  • I loved this post about being that girl.
    “I often hear other women talk proudly of the fact that they are not like me. They are not “crazy,” they are not “needy,” they are not “loud,” they are not “bitchy.” And though I do not begrudge them their choice to be a different human being than I am, I wish that their premium and their beauty didn’t have to come at the expense of other women. I wish that we were free enough to be individuals, that there didn’t have to be two categories to fit into, and that the actions of one of us didn’t have to be so immediately reflective of us all. Maybe there is something wrong with being all of these things — notably all of these things at once — but I have never known how to be anyone else. And I would rather be too much of me than just barely enough of a proper lady.”
  • It’s the time of resolutions, goal setting and lists of things to accomplish and Gala’s list for bad girls and geniuses is quite wonderful!

I’ve never watched Parcs and Recreation, I’m not even sure if it airs in the UK, but this is funny, although I can’t help wondering why they only do it once a year…

Romeo Beckham for Burberry showing us how he is just as gorgeous as his daddy but more importantly, look at those rich jewel colours and all the shiny! If I could afford Burberry, I would shop this season. I especially love that purple bag…

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