Weekly Web Roundup

December 16, 2012

snowmanIf you are a Chrome user, you will find the following hacks, frankly, life changing!

    • Clipboard.com
      As an autodidact, I spend 90% of my time online reading.  Blogs, and articles, and websites designed to teach me something. Clipboard allows me to copy and paste snippets and pictures from the places I visit for future reference.  No more countless notepad documents called “notes34” on my hard drive!
    • Chrome download bar remover.
      You know how every time you download something and this toolbar at the bottom of the browser comes up and then sticks there and you have to close it each time? Yeah, super annoying.  Well I did some research and found a plugin for Chrome that closes it once the download is complete! Yay!
    • Dictionary extension.
      Since I spend so much time reading, I often come across words I don’t know the meaning of.  This plugin allows me to double-click on any word and the definition will pop above it.  Nifty! And now you can find out what “autodidact” means 😉
    • If you want to know the real nitty gritty about professional blogging, from a woman, I highly recommend Fashion 2.0: Blogging Your Way To The Front Row.  Now don’t be put off by the title, this book may be aimed at fashion bloggers (all 60 million of them), but it is invaluable to anyone who wants to make blogging a profession.  The part I found most interesting and educational were the parts about the legal side of blogging.  When you blog professionally,  brands pay you to promote their products because you are an influencer in your niche.  you need to know how to handle the business and legal side of blogging.  Yuli goes into much more detail and you will forget you are reading a book aimed at fashion bloggers.  She covers everything you need to know and doesn’t just focus on what most of already know like “design and content are key!”.
    • I am a huge fan of the artist Gustav Klimt so when I found these stunning close ups of some reproductions of his work, I went to a happy place.
    • These um, “re-imagined” Disney artworks by José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros really tickle my mischievous nature.
    • Are you on board the current craze for floral headbands? How about making your own xmas themed head band with poinsettias.
    • Oh my squee! Photographic prints of baby animals on a white background.
    • Morgan Freeman explains why the media is the enemy during a time like the Connecticut shootings.

So Calm by Cave Painting is a really great track imo

Oh, and goats, DGAF



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