Why Jealousy and Jealous Combat Gets You Nowhere

April 19, 2011

For reasons usually blamed on patriarchal conditioning, women tend to be of the jealous sort.  Judging by their behaviour, Im assuming they never give thought to why they are jealous of other women, never understanding that jealousy is born of insecurity and insecurity means not believing in your own value.

Because we dont believe we are worthy or have any value and we see someone who we think has more of both, a lot of us resort to jealousy and competition, even going as far as causing trouble for the assumed competition, trying to eradicate her or bring her down.  Women do this both in relationship and in business.

This kind of behaviour however makes you look worse instead of making her look bad which was your intention.  Jealousy is a very obvious insecurity issue.

So I propose a new behaviour, where you support your competition, it makes you look like the better person and shows that you believe in yourself/product in turn making you trustworthy (essential for sales, and everything is sales) as well as desirable.  If you are strong enough to not be phased by competition, this behaviour makes you even stronger!

The same works for when you are in a relationship.  If you focus your attention on the girl you find a threat, your man will too.  If you ignore her, he wont look her way, he will look more at you because he is used to girls being jealous and insecure.  When you are not jealous and insecure, you are 100% more desirable than the girl you thought was a threat.

Of course, some may have to fake it till they make it.  So, despite feeling incredibly jealous and insecure, youre going to pretend that you arent bothered until you really arent!

And in the meantime, youre going to spend time making lists in your head or even on paper (be creative!) of all the things that make you valuable and worthwhile.

It is YOUR job to understand that you are, and always will be, good enough.  No one else can do this for you.  You have to make the time and effort to truly understand your worth.

Everything in life becomes easier when you make this essential discovery.

Good luck!  Let us know in the comments how you are going along your journey of self discovering and how you have dealth with jealousy in the past.

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